Pajulahti Endurance Conference

November 24-26, 2017 in Olympic Training Center Pajulahti, Finland

The traditional Pajulahti Endurance Conference will be organized in co-operation with European Athletics (EA), Finnish Athletics Federation (FAF), Finnish Olympic Committee, KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports and Pajulahti Olympic Training Center.

Main themes:

  • Trainign in middle distance running and race walking
  • Endurance athletes health
  • Co-operation between different endurance sports
  • Paralympic point of view in endurance sports

Educational methods:

Key note lectures, practical demonstrations and panel discussions. The conference language is English.

Conference programme:

Friday 24th

  • 17:30 Opening of the Conference
  • 17:45-21:00 Lectures

Saturday 25th

  • 08:30-19:30 Lectures and practical demostrations
  • 21:00-> Banquet

Sunday 26th

  • 09:00-15:00 Lectures and practical demostrations

Conference fee:

  • Registerations by 31th August / 290 euros, after 1st September / 340 euros. Incl. accommodation in douple rooms (2 nights), meals, conference programme and materials.
  • Single room for an additional 30 euros / night.
  • Registeration


One of the speakers in Pajulahti Endurance Conference is World Championship 800 meter bronze medallist Amel Tuka.

At the 2015 World Championships in Bejing Tuka finished in bronze medal position with time of 1:46.30. At the same year he run his personal best (so far) 1:42.51, making him the eleventh fastest 800 meter runner of the all time and the fastest one in the wolrd at that year.


Amel Tuka’s coach Gianni Ghidini is another main speaker in the conference.

Ghidini started his coaching career in the early 1970’s with marathon runners and later on moved to middle distances. He is middle disntances head coach in Italian national team and have coached four runners to 1.42 level on 800 meter during his career.

Other conference speakers are Finnish Olympic Committee’s doctor Maarit Valtonen, Olli-Pekka Kärkkäinen from Finnish Olympic Committee’s High Perfomance Unit, Ari Nummela from Research Institute for Olympic Sports and other athletes, coaches and other experts.