Pajulahti and Kisakallio Sport Institutes merge | 27.5.2024

Pajulahden ja Kisakallion urheiluopistot yhdistyvät

3 Kampuksen Urheiluopisto becomes the largest Operator in the field in Finland

The activities of the 3 Kampuksen Urheiluopisto are centered in Lahti, Lohja, and Helsinki. The merger aims to create more impactful operations as an educator and promoter of physical activity and sports, as well as a provider of various sports and wellness services. Additionally, the merger will establish a new grant foundation in our country.

Sports institutes play a significant role in both Finnish physical education and elite sports. They are responsible for professional education in the field of sports and are important providers of facilities and centers of expertise for clubs, associations, schoolchildren, aspiring athletes, and those already competing at the highest level. Companies and private customers are also increasingly utilizing the services of sports institutes.

Tackling the Challenge of Physical Inactivity

Physical inactivity is a major challenge in our society, costing an estimated over three billion euros annually in terms of chronic diseases and lost work and functional capacity. Addressing this societal challenge requires new players and methods. The importance of sports and physical activity is recognized in an entirely new way in this context.

“We believe that as the largest sports institute in Finland, we can be part of the solution to the problem of physical inactivity. The merger of Pajulahti and Kisakallio increases opportunities to carry out genuinely impactful work – both in promoting equal physical activity and as a provider of new services in Finland. For example, the rising cost of hobbies should not be a barrier to physical activity. We want to promote equal opportunities for physical activity and sports,” states Jukka Hako, CEO of the Sports Institute Foundation.

“The Mäkelänrinne Urhea campus offers the best environment in the country to develop physical activity and sports together with our partners and to continue dynamic activities at the Kisakallio and Pajulahti campuses, where operations will continue as before. Additionally, all employees at the campuses will transfer to the new organization as existing employees,” says Petri Tarkkanen, CEO of the Kisakallio Foundation. “Our goal is that in the future, 3 Kampuksen Urheiluopisto will produce new physical activity and wellness services in the capital region for clubs, associations, companies, and residents.”

New Grant Foundation for Funding Physical Activity and Sports

Public funding for physical activity and sports is decreasing, while the importance of private funds and actors is becoming more emphasized. The merger will create a new grant foundation in our country, which will fund physical education, sports, as well as research and projects in the field.

The Sports Institute Foundation, which owns the operations of Pajulahti, has annually distributed over half a million euros in grants for sports and physical education. The merger will also increase the capacity for distributing grants.

For more information:

Jukka Hako
Sports Institute Foundation sr
Tel. 050 465 0399

Petri Tarkkanen
Kisakallio Foundation sr
Tel. 040 843 7300

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