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Health Fitness Tests

The Inbody 720-device is reliable and provides body composition information. This measurement is a powerful tool for motivating and monitoring of eating habits, health, weight control and other lifestyle changes. The person tested receives a one-page report with detailed information about the body composition (e.g. body fat, muscle mass, muscle balance etc. ) . The actual measurement takes just a few minutes. The test report is reviewed with the tester immediately after the measurement. This body mapping provides you proof of your well-being and situation and motivates you to improve your own well-being. This test is nice to experience and does not require a great effort. You are provided with a detailed multi-page report. The report also explains how the body can be affected by changing health and exercise habits. This “inbody”-body composition analysis is suitable for all adults interested in health and fitness. It´s worth reserving approximately one hour for the analysis.

Price of the Inbody: 30€ / person

Bicycle Ergometer Test

The indirect bicycle test evaluates the cardiorespiratory fitness or aerobic fitness designed for fitness enthusiasts. The maximal oxygen consumption calculated on the basis of the test (maximal oxygen uptake VO2 max) illustrates the efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory system, heart and working muscles during a long-term fitness exercise. The maximal oxygen consumption is the meter to be be used to assess the sustainability performance in relation to other individuals of the same age.

The test is submaximal and therefore it is not intended to be pedalled to exhaustion. The test will begin with a light resistance and the load is raised every two minutes. For the test there is no actual pedalling motion-time but the test is stopped when a sufficient stress level is reached or the subject wants to quit. The actual test takes about 15-30 minutes. In addition to the test results the written feedback includes heart rate limits and guidelines for physical activity endurance improvement. Indirect bike ergonomics testing is well suited for exercisers of all ages from beginners to active exercicers. Six people can participate in the bike test simultaneously. Please reserve about an hour for the testing process.

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