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Martial Arts

Pajulahti is Finland’s leading combat sports training center and an official FILA approved wrestling training center. Combat sports has a very long history in Pajulahti. Several wrestling camps are hosted yearly as well as  judo and karate camps for  all levels. Our nostalgic combat sports training arena Nikula Hall has excellent training conditions, plus two boxing rings and good off-ring / off-mat training facilities.


Nikula Hall features 14m x 28m flexible tatami, most suitable for throws. For major events and big camps the mat area is easily enlarged. Pajulahti is a main cooperation partner with the Finnish Judo Association and its member clubs who actively organize training camps and educational events in our premises.  National team camps for all levels (U18, U21 ja Adults), Samurai Cups (U15,U18 ja U21) and Lahti Shiai judo competitions for all ages are found in our judo events calendar. Pajulahti Judo Head Coach is Otto Favén, national team coach for young athletes.


Nikula Hall features two wrestling mats. For major events and big camps the mat area is easily enlarged to a total of four full size mats. With The Finnish Wrestling Association as a cooperation partner we host several national team camps yearly.  We are also well experienced in organizing large wrestling competitions, such as the Finnish championships.


Nikula hall features 2 judo, one tatami, 800 m2 of soft training zone which serves other combat sports as well.

One permanent boxing ring and multiple punching bags.  On request the second boxing ring will be set up. For karate specific mats are also available on request.

Nikula combat sports arena also features a weight training area suitable for combat sports and other combat sport-specific equipment.

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