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Track & Field

Pajulahti Hall (2010) offers excellent conditions for year round training in comfortable 16-18 C temperature.

The hall features:

  • 330 meter running track
  • foot friendly artificial turf in the center area
  • training areas for vertical and horizontal jumps
  • two rings for various throws and a javelin throwing tarp
  • long discus throws are allowed and organized by request
  • ”Light pacemaker” for controlling running speed
  • Camera system for feedback
  • Photosensor system for measuring running speed
  • downhill runway  close to the pole vault pit
  • well equipped fitness area
  • body bikes

Outdoor facilities:

  • 400 meter running track
  • grass fields (120m x 120m total surface)
  • throw and jump areas
  • illuminated cross country tracks

Main building facilities:

  • well equipped gym
  • 25 meter swimming pool

Testing for track and field athletes:

  • Speed and strength tests including isometric strength, vertical and horizontal jumps and step analyses from different running speeds.
  • Endurance and speed endurance tests including different running tests on track (with lactate analyses) or on treadmill (with lactate analyses and gas exchanges analysis)

Massage therapy available.

Conferences and Carnivals:

  •  Endurance / Speed Endurance Conference in November (international EA conference every second year)
  • Pole Vaulting Winter Carnival in January

We have several top professional trainers in our staff and we work closely with the Finnish Athletics Federation and many other regional associations as well as several Track and Field clubs and athletes.

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