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Upper secondary education

Our education for Vocational upper secondary education

Vocational Qualification in Sports, Sports Assistant 2010

Language: finnish

A Sports assistant who has completed the Vocational Qualification in Sports, the
Study Programme in Sports, is able to plan and instruct sports as well as provide
sports assistance to different-aged people with a varying range of mobility in a safe
and health-enhancing manner. He/She is able to provide instruction in an empathic
and customer-oriented manner and offer personal instruction and guidance to promote
the overall wellbeing of people. The qualification provides the skills to work
naturally in customer service situations and adapt activities according to the individual
or group. The qualification holder is familiar with the principles of group
dynamics and is able to manage group activities.


In terms of student selection for upper secondary vocational education and training (VET), points are usually awarded, among other things, for general academic success and success in the relevant subjects, for work experience and for results in the entrance examination or possible aptitude test.

Vocational institutions usually organise a language test for applicants to their foreign-language programmes, in order to determine whether applicants have sufficient language skills to pursue their studies. Admission requirements for foreign-language programmes may also include adequate Finnish / Swedish language skills.

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