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Training in Pajulahti

From junior to world elite

Main part of camps organized in Pajulahti are aimed at youth striving to the top and young enthusiasts of various sports. The core goal of Pajulahti strategy is to develop the coaching operations of children and  youth. Pajulahti High Performance Training Center hosts several national teams of various sports yearly  and a vast number of Finnish and foreign top athletes have prepared for major events in our premises.  Among our well-experienced coaching staff we have top professional coaches of judo, tennis, track & field, adapted sports, cross country skiing etc.

Vast variety of sports

Pajulahti offers top facilities all year round for all main sports. Soccer, track & field, tennis and adapted sports form our sports groups followed by ice sports, martial arts, swimming and indoor ball sports.

Together towards top results

We organize trainings, camps and events in close cooperation with several athletic organizations, federations and clubs.  Through a cooperation agreement the necessary facilities and services for your sport are ensured.  Rights and liabilities of both parties are carefully stated to prevent any undesired surprises.

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