Fitness testing

Pajulahti offers fitness testing for everyone; from beginners to top athletes, for both individual and team-sport practitioners. Our fitness testing services are divided into three departments: health-oriented fitness testing, strength&speed testing, and endurance testing.

The health-oriented fitness testing department is meant for beginners and fitness enthusiasts interested on getting a basic but wide picture of where their fitness from a health standpoint. In contrast, both the endurance testing department as well as the strength and speed testing department offer a more in-depth performance-oriented fitness testing for athletes of all levels.

Health-oriented fitness testing

Our sports instructors offer a wide range of basic tests that evaluate your overall fitness from a health standpoint. The tests include body-composition measurements, endurance fitness testing as well as strength and mobility testing. These tests are perfect for customers who are staying in Pajulahti as part of a business trip or family holiday. Teemu and Tuomo will be happy to answer any questions.

Strength and speed testing

Mies on kyykyssä ja on nostamaisillaan painonnostotankoa.

Nikke Vilmi is our version of a strength and conditioning specialist, an expert on strength and speed testing, as well as being an athletics coach and a researcher, a true jack of all trades. Nikke offers, among other things, technical analysis, strength testing, speed testing and anaerobic performance testing to athletes from many sports. Nikke will also help you create a test battery to measure the components of fitness and performance for your team sport.

Endurance testing

Kestävyystestausta Pajulahden Testausasemalle

Endurance testing is run by our exercise physiologists Juha Sorvisto and Ibai Mendia. Our tests are usually performed to maximal exertion and include lactate measurements. In some tests a respiratory gas analyzer is also used to, among other things, be able to measure customer’s VO2max. Our customers are usually either athletes or goal-oriented recreational fitness enthusiasts who come to seek information about endurance training zones, VO2max, economy of performance and/or rates of substrate utilization. Various endurance fitness tests are available, please, contact us and we will help you choose the test that best fits your goals.

OPENING HOURS: Our endurance testing service runs on weekdays between 8:30 and 16:00. On weekdays after 16:00 and on Saturdays we only serve large groups. Endurance testing is not offered on Sundays.

We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and since certain sicknesses, symptoms and risk factors affect the risk level of fitness testing, we always perform a medical background check (questionnaire) to our customers and have a pretest interview on test day as well.

Cardiovascular*, respiratory** and metabolic*** sicknesses and symptoms**** are of special relevance. Risk factors include pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, heart disease or sudden family death, advanced age and sedentary lifestyle. If high risk scenarios emerge, we reserve the right to deny testing, make a switch to a submaximal test protocol or stop the test at any time given. Therefore, and if you happen to have any underlying health conditions, we invite you to discuss the matter with us in advance to be able to avoid any unpleasant surprises on test day. 

* cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular and heart disease

** asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease

*** diabetes 1 and 2, kidney and thyroid disease

**** dizziness, chest pain, fainting, feeling of heart arrhythmia, shortness of breath at rest or during light exertion

We offer four main test products:

  • VO2max test (running, cycling or Nordic Walking) 189 €
  • Lactate test (running, cycling or Nordic Walking) 125 €
    • Cycle ergometer: > 3 people group discount 105 €
  • Field test (minimum 2 people)
    • Running 105 €
      • > 3 people group discount 90 €
    • Swimming 90 €
  • Cycle ergometer test without lactate (minimum 2 people) 75 €

Both the VO2max and lactate tests happen on a laboratory environment, either on a running treadmill (by running or Nordic Walking) or on a cycle ergometer. The VO2max test can also be done on customer’s bike attached to our trainer, as long as both devices are compatible. Both tests are incremental 3-minute step tests to exhaustion, and they only differ on the variables that are being monitored. Heartrate response, blood lactate concentration, rate of perceived exertion and load (pace/ power / pace + incline) are all measured in both the VO2max and lactate tests, but respiratory gases are only measured on the former. Both the VO2max and lactate tests include an immediate post-test result discussion, as well as a written report with great actionable data to finetune training (training zones, estimated VO2max, HRmax, training tips), but the VO2max test offers more in-depth metabolic data (measured VO2max, rates of substrate utilization, performance economy). If the lactate test is done in a cycle-ergometer we can measure up to 4 customers simultaneously, in all other cases these tests happen on a one-to-one basis.

The field test, in contrast, happens either on our indoor 333 m track by running, or on our indoor 25 m swimming pool, and is meant for groups only. In field tests we monitor the same variables as in the lactate test (HR, lactate, RPE, load), but the protocols differ. On the running field test, we simultaneously test 2 to 6 customers on an incremental 5-8 x 1000 m protocol (last 1000 m is maximal) with 1 minute recovery breaks. On the swimming test, we simultaneously test 2 customers on an incremental 7-10 x 100/200 m protocol (last 100/200 m is maximal) with 30 seconds recovery interval. You will receive a written report like on the lactate test (training zones, estimated VO2max for running only, HRmax, training tips), but you will not get the immediate post-test result discussion.

Lastly the cycle ergometer test without lactate is meant for groups only and can be done either maximally or sub-maximally. We test 2 to 6 customers simultaneously and we use an incremental 2-minute step protocol without breaks. We measure the heartrate response, rate of perceived exertion and load (power), based on which we give an estimate of VO2max and training zones. This test also includes a written test report.

The field tests, the cycle ergometer lactate test and the cycle ergometer test without lactate can be done back-to-back to accommodate larger groups/teams on a matter of hours, which makes them a more time- and cost-effective alternative to traditional VO2max testing.